Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm still alive....

It's been awhile since I wrote here. I am not intentionally leaving this space, but in summer I work concrete construction which keeps me very busy. I am so busy with work and trying to keep up with things around my home that I have little time to write and not even as much time to reflect as I would like. Here are some pics of some jobs we have done:
Insulated concrete forms (ICF's) for walls for a Family Dollar Store

Large house with all exterior walls ICF's

Pour day

Large cotttage that is lifted and we poured an ICF basement underneath

All of these jobs except the house in the second picture have been out of town. I have been working long days in the heat, staying in hotels, and missing my family. I mention all of this to remind us as educators why the public thinks our job is easy. For many blue-collar workers who work hard every day just to get by, having "three months off" is inconceivable. 

Now I realize that most of you are doing many school related things all summer such as working other jobs, planning, taking classes, and attending conferences. I would never say that teaching is anything but hard, stressful work (but also rewarding) and that we work many unpaid hours. But it is important to remember the perspective of others especially in down economic times that we are in and not take for granted or flaunt the "perks" of teaching.

So enjoy your summer, learn as much as you can, give back as much as you can, and re-charge your batteries for a great school year.